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Pictures of Hives on the Body

There are many skin conditions out there, but the one that always baffled me was hives.  I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “breaking out in hives“.  Well, I’ve broken out in hives before and let me tell you from my own personal experience that it is no fun at all.  This blog will be devoted to everything about hives on all parts of the body.  We will dive into the causes of hives as well as prevention of hives and treatment of hives.  There are also many home remedies for hives and we will be discussing that as well.

But for now, I just want to show you what hives actually look like, so you can distinguish hives from other skin conditions.  Here are some pictures of hives on the hand, leg, neck, back and other parts of the body.  I’ll be posting more hives photos later.  If you’d like to submit some pictures of your own hives please do so and I will put them on the site.

Pictures of Hives

First of all, this is what hives look like.  This is a closeup picture.  You can see how the welps go off in different directions.  It’s really different than other skin conditions.

picture of hives

Here’s a picture of severe body hives.
This person has hives all over th body including up his neck and all over his face.

severe body hives

Here is another picture of chronic hives. This is another closeup.  You can see the random patterns from the hives spots.

chronic hives picture

Here’s another picture of more body hives.  This time they are all over the person’s back, almost completely covering the entire back.

body hives

Here is a picture of mild facial hives,

facial hives

and here’s another pic of hives on the face.

hives on face

Here’s a picture of severe hives on the arm,

hives on the arm

and hives on the elbow

hives on the elbow

and hives on the hand.

hives on hands

Here’s a pic of a hives breakout on the leg.

hives on the legs

I will be posting more pictures of other body parts with hives breakouts soon, so please check back often for updates.